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Global warming

A scientific study of tweets showed differences between global warming and climate change. Twitter mosaic by Joe Lazarus (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Global warming is usually the same thing as climate change, see this word for a longer explanation. The one difference we want to highlight is that the two terms are used by different people. People who refuse the scientific evidence about climate change (“climate skeptics/deniers”) more often use the term global warming than others. People …

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Climate change

Climate change can lead to stronger winds, rising seas and flooding. Here huge waves crashing over the front at Port William, Great Britain 2014. Photo: David Baird (CC BY-SA 2.0)

There is natural climate change and then there is man-made climate change – and the latter is where the world’s scientists have measured dramatic changes over the last decades. The world is on average around 1°C warmer now than before the industrialization. When fossil fuels are burnt and the concentration of greenhouse gases in the …

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Greenhouse gases

Night-Shining Clouds might be getting brighter due to higher levels of greenhouse gases. Source: NASA and Jan Erik Paulsen

Greenhouse gases exist in the earth’s atmosphere and help making the earth habitable to humans, by keeping some of the heat from the sun trapped at the earths surface. This is called the greenhouse effect. When more greenhouse gasses are added to the atmosphere, the greenhouse effect increases. This leads to global warming and climate …

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