3 Best Internet Resources on Climate Change

We have spent many hours researching climate change, and we have spent even more hours on the internet – so, we give you the top three list of online resources on climate change:

Top 3 online resources of climate change.

1. The number one website on climate change is without doubt the official website of the UN secretariat of the climate convention – UNFCCC. Not because its design or internal search engine (they both could be improved), but because of its authority. The official and important stuff you need to read on the legal and political aspects of climate change is here.

2. For the scientific aspects of climate change, the best resource online is equally simple to name: The official website of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC. It is actually not so much their website itself as it is the reports you can download from the website.

3. To actually understand the global politics of climate change, especially as seen in the UN negotiations, there is one place we advice everyone to go: The Storify feed of the highly informal Climate Justice Info. Not only does it summarize what various governments and officials have said and done, it also (we hope) put a smile on your face while reading it.

Of course, we hope to be able to put our own name on this list one day 🙂