Tag: Adaptation

CMA – Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement

CMA is the short form for the group of the countries who have signed and ratified the Paris Agreement. The full name of this governing body is “Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement”. Meetings of this group are numbered and called “CMA1” etc. The first meeting of the …

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Loss and Damage (L&D)

Friends of the Earth International call for wealthier nations to live up to their obligations to compensate poorer countries for loss and damage. COP21, December 2015. Photo: Friends of the Earth International / Luka Tomac

When the effects of climate change are too far reaching to adapt to, people sometimes face loss and damage – of property, livelihood or even their countries or their lives. In other words, when there is not enough mitigation (reduction of emissions and thereby less climate change) and when adaptation is not possible – then …

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The difference between mitigation and adaptation (in the climate change context). Source: Locatelli & Pramova, Forests and synergies between adaptation and mitigation, weADAPT.

The world’s climate has already changed due to emissions of greenhouse gases, and will continue to do so. Handling those changes, for example by building walls against flooding, is called adaptation. Adaptation is also one of the main areas in the international climate negotiations, along with mitigation. The difference between adaptation and mitigation is shown …

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